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We are sourcing one of best Natural Gypsum Ore available in world, where the purity goes upto 96% which is best for Manufacturing of Plaster of Perris & Cement etc. Gypsum can also be used as a fertilizer by adding it directly to soil. This increases the productivity of the Land. It can be added to paint as Filler. Gypsum contains a large amount of water, and this gives it fire protection qualities. This is important because it will give some protection from house fires. It is also important because it can be used as molds, allowing melted metals to be poured and formed within. Tiles found in the bathroom or more often not attached to the wall with a form of Gypsum Mortar. Plates, Cups & Saucers from Kitchen where most likely poured into a Gypsum formed mold.


Color Off-white
Form Lumps
Packaging size 50KG
Purity 96%
Application Industrial
Grade Industrial

Chemical Composition

Purity Free Moisture Combined Water CaO SO3 Size
90-96% Min 3% Max 19% Min 32% Min 45% Min
  • 0-10 mm
  • 0-50 mm
  • 0-150 mm

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